D4 on Featherston

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D4 (named after the irish postcode ‘Dublin 4’) is a leading Wellington Irish pub and high quality restaurant. From the hot pink velvet staircase, to the bespoke Kanemail chandelier, and the best range of New Zealand craft beers in the CBD, D4 is definitely an Irish bar with a difference. Located at 1/143 Featherston St.

Thursday 15th November 5.30pm: Festival Opening

Come kick off the NZ Irish Fest in style at D4 on Featherston in Wellington with a traditional Irish Session with Criu and pop up Gaeltacht (Irish Speaking event) lead by the new Irish Ambassador, Peter Ryan!

Criu are a collection of the best players of traditional Irish music in our very own Wellington. Taken from the darkest corner of a small lamplit pub, these musicians have played away many a long night over frothing pints of dark beer. Four musicians locked into a tune, beats slamming into place as 4 feet tap in unison. Four great pillars of Irish music each adding their own colour and energy.