Wellington Irish Society

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Wellington Irish Society exists to serve the Irish community in Wellington and to provide a meeting place for those Irish and their Friends and family visiting or living in Wellington. Located at 10 Fifeshire Ave.

Saturday 17th November 4pm: Ceilidh

Wellington’s very own Ceilidh, as part of the NZ Irish Fest and hosted by some of the finest dancers and musicians in Wellington!

Led by two of Wellington’s finest dance teachers Emma Coffee and Esther Budding. This is an event for all the family, so come on down, learn the steps and dance along to some live music! Performing live will be Criu! A collection of the best players of traditional Irish music in our very own Wellington.

Taken from the darkest corner of a small lamplit pub, these musicians have played away many a long night over frothing pints of dark beer. four musicians locked into a tune, beats slamming into place as 4 feet tap in unison.